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Carol night

Date published: 21 December 2012

Enjoy a carol concert with the Diggle B Band tonight at 7.30pm, Bankfield House, Huddersfield Road.

ENJOY the greatest story ever told, as youngsters from St Mary’s Church in Greenfield dress up as their favourite nativity character on Sunday. The service begins at 10.30am.

BOOK a spot at the Saddleworth Stables pony day on Thursday, held between 10am and 1pm, by calling 07740360993.

MEET with the members of Chew Valley Country Music Club on Sunday from 8.30pm, at the Greenfield Conservative Club.

BRING along your crib to be blessed at a Christmas service at St Chad’s Church on Monday, at 5pm.

SING carols around the tree with the members of St Mary’s Church at the Greenfield Conservative Club on Monday at 6pm, followed by a service in the church at 11.30pm.

CELEBRATE Christmas day in style at Dobcross Band Club between 1-3pm with carols festive entertainment.


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