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Pensioner robbed of 2,000 by bogus cops

Date published: 10 December 2012

TWO men posing as police officers conned their way into an elderly woman’s house in Mossley.

They knocked on the door of a 76-year-old woman in Andrew Street last Thursday morning saying they had information about a previous theft.

Once inside, they asked if there was any money in the house and one went into an upstairs bedroom while the other kept her talking.

When the first offender returned, they claimed they were gong to check the back door, but fled through the back yard. The woman then found £2,000 was missing.

One of the men is described as white, aged about 50, 6ft tall, and slim, with facial stubble and dark eyes. He wore a dark grey flat cap, with a black check print, and a three-quarter length, dark, tweed overcoat.

The other was white, about 5ft 6in tall with broad shoulders. He was in his mid-20s and wore a dark blue hat with a three-quarter length overcoat.

Det-Con Karl Riley, from Tameside CID, said: “These two men preyed on a vulnerable elderly woman who thought she was helping the police.

“Someone may have come across them in similar incidents and may have more information.”

Call officers at Tameside CID on 0161-856 9250 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800-555 111.

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£2000 !! No wonder criminals target the elderly! What a stupid thing to do! had she never heard of a bank or building society? There are plenty in Mossley and a number of cash machines too.
So long as pensioners keep ridicuous amounts of money on them or in the house they will be an attractive target, if crooks got away with a few pence they wouldn't bother, now they're incentivised to go rob another one and no wonder.

there has been two reports in the Chron in the recent past,one about elderly people keeping large amounts of money at home and one about the danger of opening your door to strangers,even police,there has also been reports of people posing as police officers.people have been warned.It is up to friends and family to make sure elderly people know the risks.very worrying.

There's been a lot more than two Ernie. Nellie Gerahty despite numerous warnings used a path which was dangerous while carrying large amounts of cash. Vincent Kershaw in Heywood murdered with £3K on him. 22/9/12 diasbled 70 year old bag snatched containing a 'large amount of cash'.

The message simply isn't getting through to old people, after so many years trying it isn't likely too. All we can do is to offer sympathy for their stupidity after the event.

Don't knock these old people, they more than most know what it's like to be robbed by the government, that's why they tend to keep their money close by. Robbed by the rich and robbed by the poor

Shame on these scumbags robbing a OAP... these scumbags come out every xmas to rob people to get gifts for their own loved 1s scums scums go out and work for it..

Nellie Gerahty was carrying £100 when she was attacked. Hardly a large amount is it? Some pensioners like to use chip & pin as they struggle to read the machines, especially when people behind them in the queue start tutting at them for taking so long.
I presume if someone has an expensive car stolen that their fault for not having a cheap car?

You cannot blame people for having their money stolen! Whats required are sentences enough to make the cowards think twice before targetting our elderly residents.


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