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Families get new home for Christmas

Reporter: Helen Korn
Date online: 07 December 2012

SIX families have new homes for Christmas, thanks to a new affordable housing scheme in Uppermill.

Yesterday the new tenants gathered to celebrate the official launch of the new stone terraces in Buckley Street — on the site of the former police station.

The highly sought-after properties are the first of 65 new homes being built in Oldham as part of a £6.5million investment for the borough.

And for Martin Clarke, the timing was perfect: the 26-year-old dad and his wife Cheryl have just had twins, Poppy and Olivia.

Martin is leaving the Royal Logistics Corp after seven years to spend some more time with the twins and his other children, Cody and Harrison.

Mushtaq Khan, director of Aksa homes, said: “We wanted to build homes for people who have a connection with Saddleworth — whether they work there or have lived there before.”


well there you have it! 6 families have moved almost straight in just after the last finishing touches to these properties was complete.

highlighting just how much affordable housing really is required in the area.

so oldham council! take note! any developer who tries to go back on their quotas for affordable housing on their projects. stop them in their tracks.
they were awarded planning permission on this basis.

if they try to go back on their promises then revoke the planning permission.

wow 65 homes being built in oldham this will make a big dent in the boroughs homeless wont it


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