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Switch-on hitch ‘human error’

Date published: 06 December 2012

A lighting contractor has apologised after failing to turn on Christmas lights in Dobcross at an official switch-on ceremony.

Hundreds of people were disappointed when the lights failed to illuminate - and instead walked to the village square to watch a colourful display at The Swan Inn, switched on by radio disc jockey Mike Sweeney, who lives in the village.

Councillor Barbara Beeley, chair of the Saddleworth and Lees District Partnership, launched an investigation after locals blamed the council for the problem. She said: “Human error was to blame – not the council.

“There had been problems with other lights in Delph and Uppermill, where the lights themselves had been vandalised. With the problem in those two villages, the operator simply forgot to go to Dobcross. He was horrified when he realised his mistake and returned early on Sunday morning to turn them on.

“The contractors, Christmas Plus, have sincerely apologised for their mistake.

“Our lighting officers always try to accommodate each village but I think next year there will be no multiple switch-ons. If more than one village wants a particular date it will be a case of first come, first served – if indeed there are any funds for Christmas lights.”


Does Cllr Beeley believe that the council does not emply humans? Human error means someone made a mistake and if they work for the council that means the council made a mistake!
Yet again we see health & safety used to protect a jobsworth, attempting to make the public believe that it's far too dangerous for some one unqualified to turn a key in a switch!
I think this evening I will need to call a contractor out to turn on the lights in my house and then to turn them off again when I go to bed!

I'm quite sure that those suffering unimaginable horrors around the world would willingly make a swap for some of our 'problems'.

was a fault by a contractor working on the cheap as usual the saddleworth lot will not pay for a quality job


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