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Abrahams hits at ‘failing’ Government

Date published: 06 December 2012

Oldham MP Debbie Abrahams has criticised the Chancellor’s autumn statement and his Government’s failing economic policies.

In his autumn statement, Chancellor George Osborne said austerity measures will be extended for a further year to 2018, and he announced a £3.7 billion squeeze on welfare and a £1 billion raid on the pensions of the wealthy.

But he also scrapped a planned 3p–a–litre rise in fuel duty in January, cut corporation tax by one per cent and revised tax thresholds to take earnings below £9,440 out of income tax altogether.

Oldham East and Saddleworth Labour MP Abrahams said: “David Cameron and George Osborne’s economic policies are not working. They’re failing on jobs, growth and the deficit and they know it.

“Raising taxes and cutting spending too far and too fast has backfired.

“The price of this Government’s economic failure is being paid for by people on middle and low incomes who are being asked to pay more, while millionaires get a £3bn tax cut!

“All we got today was more of the same failing policies. The Chancellor is guilty of a dreadful example of creative accounting when he says the Government’s borrowing is forecast to fall this year. What he’s really done is added in the money the 4G mobile spectrum auction might make to this year’s figures.”

Without that £3.5billion expectation, borrowing would be around £2billion higher than last year.

“The lowest paid 10 per cent of the population will be losing about £200 a year. All of these measures will simply lead to further increases in child poverty and hard working families living in poverty too.”


You need to add to this statement that he has also added the interest paid into the exchequer from the Bank of Englands quantitative easing.
Of course no local MP will also go on to highlight the cost of immigration & economic migration to the borough or the drain on services as a consequence. The EU yearly payment from the UK is £19.345 billion & in return we export £4.6 billion less to the EU than we import into the UK and that figure is vastly improved by the provision of financial services.

I'm sure I won't be the only one pointing out that it's a bit rich criticing someone for failing to clear up your mess! Lets face it if it hadn't been for Labour leaving all this debt there wouldn't be a need for all the austerity measures!
Granted the ConDem coalition are not doing a good job, but there's no sign that Labour would do any better !

Government’s failing economic policies. . .
This is rich after Labour's 13 tears of failed economic policies. Remember, they abolished 'boom and bust' (not).
Ditch the denial Debbie and recognise reality. It's the same reality that was needed after every period of Labour rule. Just check your history. Money and Labour don't mix - unless it's somebody else's!

You've got to hand it to Labour members. They are so glad they failed to get re-elected at the last election due to the magnitude of their incompetence in giving Britain it's biggest ever debt but they can hope that the present Government get Britain back on the road to recovery just in time for Labour to get in power so they can resume their usual spend, spend, spend tax policy that has left the country in such a disasterous position. It's all a game for Labour but it's not funny any more.

i'd rather the condems deal with the deficit than labour!

Ed ball's proved how incompetant labour still are and will always be!
an thats someone who was in the labour government who were responsible for the mess we're now in!

as i've said many times before. the only way labour can get some credibility back is to clear out all the deadwood from the blair and brown years and start a fresh!

I bet you and Michael Meacher can't work out why election polling is at its lowest count ever can you. Successive government's from both sides have failed to address the financial issues which blight this country - so save us the old diatribe Mrs Abrahams - it doesn't work anymore.

Here we go again with the pantomime that is the party political system. You blame us! We blame you! Nothing ever truly changes! To quote: “No matter who you vote for, the Government always gets in”.

Another deluded labour M.P. in total denial the economy was ruined by the Brown / Balls partnership 13 years of labour at least they only have 2 years of failure. I was once a lifelong Labour voter but after the labour government had 13 yearsof abject failure, and after the Blair / Brown era and 2 unjustified wars i will never vote for a labour party with a shadow cabinet full of the causes of the above failings

I said along time ago putting people out of work will cost a lot more in the long run, than keeping them in their jobs, in jobs they mainly provide for themselves and help keep the economy ticking, out of work we have to provide a lot more, further they are not contributing, or contribute very little!. We are seeing the welfare budget rocket and borrowing being extended, something the Conservatives said they would never do, along with quantative easing as it does work lol, who is kidding who?.

The conservatives have always been a party for the rich, and at every opportunity fleece the poor!, who are as usual paying for the mistakes of the rich and greedy. They claim they are helping low income families by taking them out of tax all together, but with all the cuts to the poor working class safety nets both working tax, child tax credit cuts and freezes, along with housing benefit cuts they have gained nothing and they say we are in it together!. Have they further taxed the rich? NO!.

Large organisations are virtually telling the treasury what they will pay, not the treasury telling them what they owe!, making back door deals with banks, mobile phone companies, they are laughing in the faces of continuous incompetent governments, who are too weak willed and gutless to stand up for people who in the end pay the bills. If the people are short they have to fasten their belts, if a MP is short, he can always use his house of commons credit card or John Lewis acct lol.

As normal Labour are up in arms yet they opened the credit card and got us in this mess, I agree that immigration ect was a big mistake by this and previous governments to curb migrants from other countries who force up benefits,are in homes where the councils pay massive amounts in rents because of large families, yet most goes back to their home countries. But a fair idea is to bring in Australian rules, that you have to be in a job to work here, no benefits and NHS for 20 years too.

Also that anyone coming here to live will not be allowed in unless they have substantial amount to live on. The benefit system needs sorting, but also does the countries dependency of the EU, as we should be doing our own food, our own farming, and stop letting the EU rule us into being a cash haven for other countries who don't pay much in. The government needs to look at Britain first, and stop firms going abroad like they have in France, open factories again before treating us like 2nd rate.

She hasn't said how Osborne has failed. She doesn't say what Labour would do differently. Labour were the party of tax and spend and left this country on the edge of tuin. Osborne is a genius for steering us through in the manner he has. keep calm, carry on.

@OLDHAMSCOTLAND perhaps you need to realise that public sector jobs are not self sustaining. They haev to be paid for through TAXES. You do realise the welfare budget rose from £95bn to £150bn a year under Labour in the boom times? Where is the logic in taking tax from people to give it back in credits & benefits, other than to create a dpendency and lock in votes? Remember who took away the 10p tax rate for low earners? 50p rate came in 37 days before last election.

Debbie Abrahams like all out of office MPs criticise the incumbent party and can tell you exactly how Labour will perform the economic miracle but after a while in power will tell you exactly why it didn't

ProDriver, I do not support Labour, libliars or the Consfortherich party. If you read the whole post you see I blamed both parties. Yes they are still payed by the public purse!, but still contribute, on benefits are subsidised a lot more, and contribute a lot less, and part of their wages do go back into society through taxes!, where people on benefits do not.

Osborne & the word genius is ridiculous. Every first year economics student learns that cutting Govt spending during a recession reduces output which reduces tax revenue & in turn increases welfare costs it's a basic of econics that has been proven time and time again. As for EU membership how can anyone support paying over £19 billion per year to have a trade deficit of £4.6 billion & a migratory work policy that pins the minimum wage at £6.19 whilst in countries like France it's £7.56


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