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Gary’s gruelling challenge

Date published: 07 December 2012

A CHARITY champion who saves lives in his spare time will soon take to the moors for another gruelling challenge.

Saddleworth’s Gary Jones will attempt to run, climb and scramble his way across the Pennines in the New Year in a 108-mile “spine challenger” from Edale to Hawes.

The 41-year-old healthcare worker and Oldham Mountain Rescue volunteer, will undergo the gruelling test on January 13 to raise cash for the rescue team.

Gary will need to overcome rocky terrain, high altitudes, darkness and temperatures as low as -10C — and will be given only 60 hours to finish.

The 41 year old said: “I’ve run in those conditions and at those altitudes before, but I’m apprehensive about the mental and physical side of it this time!

“You can break it up and there is somewhere to stop after 45 miles with beds if you want to have a quick break. But I’m hoping to complete the race in one go.”

Starting at Edale, the race reaches Kinder Scout in the Peak District before following the Pennine Way to Hebden Bridge. From there the runners rejoin the Pennine Way and continue to Hawes.

The race was held for the first time this January - and only one person managed to finish.

Gary (41) is determined to smash his fund-raising target of £6,000, which will pay the rent on the warehouse used by Mountain Rescue. “This is going to be incredibly tough so I hope people will dig deep,” he said.

Gary can be sponsored at www.justgiving.com/gary-jones9.


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