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Club marks its 110th anniversary

Date online: 07 December 2012

REGULARS at Springhead Liberal Club will raise a glass to history as they celebrate its 110th anniversary in style.

A special concert will be held tomorrow to mark the occasion and allow members and their guests to reminisce - and look forward to the future.

There will be a lunch for members who can’t make the concert but still want to celebrate.

The private members’ club, in Oldham Road, was purpose-built in 1902 by the Springhead Liberal Club Over the years, the club has been home to a variety of members with mixed professions, including mill workers, railway workers and local tradesmen.

After a serious drop in numbers in the late 1960s, the club revived and went from strength to strength.

Its effort to stay afloat has resulted in members winning prizes at the Club Mirror awards night in 2010 and 2011 and gaining the coveted Carlsberg Gold Award for excellence.

Visit www.springheadliberalclub.org for more anniversary info.


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