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Sam trumpets concert return

Reporter: Andrew Rudkin
Date online: 03 December 2012

A SINGER is back at the microphone five years after severely damaging his voice in a near-fatal road accident.

Sam Johnson (40) headlined his first concert with his brother in their band, Detours, since being crushed by a van in a loading bay.

The life-changing incident, in Stalybridge in 2007, left the former delivery driver with damaged vocal chords and needing six major operations on both his knees.

The emotional return to live performances was their first gig in their home village of Greenfield in six years.

After hospital visits and a number of voice therapy sessions, Sam is now near full recovery.

The singer said: “The concert was a special night, a night I did doubt would happen.

“When I damaged my vocal chords it was soul destroying, but I am now enjoying my singing again and my brother has been incredible.”

Eric (43) said after the memorable night at Boarshurst Band Club on Saturday: “Sam’s recovery has been a long, stop-and-start one.

“To be back performing is brilliant, as Sam is a born entertainer. It was a great start to the Christmas period. I felt very honoured to share that stage with him.”

Info on their new music at www.detours.info.


many congratulations on your recovery and all the best but lose the glass's!!!!! ha ha well done fella


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