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Man who mocked police deaths loses jail appeal

Date published: 30 November 2012

A man who wore an anti–police T–shirt in public only hours after the killing of policewoman Nicola Hughes from Saddleworth and her colleague Fiona Bone has lost an appeal against his sentence.

Barry Thew (39) was seen in his home town of Radcliffe, wearing a T–shirt which carried hand–written comments of “One less pig; perfect justice” and “Killacopforfun.com haha”.

Less than three and a half hours earlier, PCs Nicola and Fiona Bone, had been shot dead in a gun and grenade attack as they responded to a reported burglary.

Thew, of Wolsey Street, pleaded guilty to the public order offence at Manchester Crown Court.

On October 11 he was sentenced to four months in jail and received an additional four months after he admitted breaching the terms of a previous suspended jail term.

The Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge, sitting with Mr Justice Fulford and Mr Justice Bean, at the Court of Appeal in London, said the eight–month term was not “arguably excessive”.

He said that the day of the murders was a dreadful one in Manchester and Thew, who openly admitted hating the police as he held them responsible for the death of his son, committed the offence in a highly charged environment.


This idiot desereves all he gets, Im surprised he could actually write.

That's my new T shirt ordered with the slogan, ' One less vile scumbag off the streets for a while'. He now has a few months to ponder over his moronicness although, I'm guessing, he's the type of underclass scum that will revel in his infamy.

I am intrigued to know how the police caused the death of his son!

This idiot should not be in prison. He made offensive remarks, but so what?Perhaps if he only had one eye, a hook hand and followed a certain religion he wouldn't have even been arrested let alone imprisoned.
If this man deserves prison what about the protestors carrying placards in London referring to the London bomb murderers as "The Fantastic Four"? They mocked the victims of murder like Thew and didn't even get arrested.
Multi-culturalism equals inequality before the law it seems.

You are right in what you say KP,I don't think this guy should have been imprisoned,there seems to be alot of degrees of right and wrong,what we need is some consistency.

strange how this story had nothing to do with religion but yet you get people commenting on other religions.. just shows how racist OLDHAM is.. noting has canged in the last 10 to 12 years...

@by adam. Strange how only ONE person on this page refers to 'religion' but in your mind that ONE comment means that Oldham is racist. Yeah you are right - nothing has changed has it.

@By adam, since when has refering to a religion been classed as racist? I'm all for free speech but the T shirt this clown was wearing was beyond the pale.

Adam I asked a perfectly valid question? There have been other cases where murder victims have been mocked and no one was sent to prison. The cases involved people of a certain religion. Why did this man deserve a prison sentence and the others did not?
Why do you confuse race and religion?
Also I wasn't attacking religion but the double standards before the law.
Your inability to accept other points of view and tarring all of Oldham because of my comments makes you look the intolerant one.

Just a small point. Although, I myself didn't make any reference to religion, I'd just like to point our that being against religion is not racists. Being against a race of people is racist. I have no time for all religious denominations and rate relgion with ghosts, goblins and fairies at the end of the garden. I do believe you can find dictionaries or thesauruses in most good book shops if you would like the exact meaning of racism

@by adam people are allowed to an opinion that is why we live in a democracy and just because it is one that views multiculturism as a bad thing does not make them racist...if you lived in Oldham you would realise that what they say is true and people are treated differently eg man with 2 feet of council land and mosque that was 10 feet too high

Let us remember Adam when harping back to the race riots that not a single non-asian Oldhamer was involved in the riots, the catalyst came from outside Oldham with members of the right wing. Get your facts right!

Alot of non asian oldhamers join the bandwagon when the nf or edl are in town pal


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