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Abrahams backs call for tough press regulator

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 30 November 2012

OLDHAM MP Debbie Abrahams has welcomed the Leveson recommendations and urged the Prime Minister to implement them.

After an inquiry into press intrusion lasting more than year, Lord Justice Leveson called for the establishment of a muscular new independent regulatory body, backed by legislation, with the power to require prominent apologies and impose fines of up to £1 million.

The recommendations exposed deep divisions within the coalition Government with Prime Minister David Cameron voiced “serious concerns and misgivings” about legislative action — saying the press should be given “a limited period of time” to show it could get its house in order.

But Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said he believed Leveson’s model could be “proportionate and workable” and insisting Parliament should push ahead “without delay”.

Oldham East and Saddleworth MP Debbie Abrahams said: “Self-regulation of the media has clearly not worked. Too often under the guise of ‘public interest’ the media has clearly gone too far driven by money not morals.

“It’s very disappointing to hear the Prime Minister hedging his bets in his Common’s speech suggesting that he won’t be backing all of the Leveson recommendations.

“I agree with the principle that we should exclude political involvement in press regulation; that’s how totalitarian regimes behave, not a democracy like ours.

“Having said all this it is really important that we remember that the vast majority of the work the media does, especially our local media providers, is a vital part of our daily lives and they provide an invaluable service to us all.”

Cross–party talks are now under way.


Your quite right Debbie the next thing is the press will be attempting to reveal the dubious practices of MP's and we could'nt have that could we.

britain is famous for its free speech. but only when it favours the politicians.

rather like our freedom of information. which again polititans only like when it suits them!

and miss abrahams knows all about this!

The press should be free. They should however have to face the full consequences of the law if they abuse that freedom. As for a tough regulator then MPs need one to stop the continued legalized theft of our money via expenses!!!!!

I agree with Debbie the press should be as they are in china,Iran,Syria,Cuba,Russia, etc another backward step to a nanny dictatorship

The freedom of the press is essential, if the press had been shackled by legislation then Mrs Abrahams would probabley not have been an M. P. her predecessor would still be there, and Tony Blairs phoney war would not have been revealed, or Gordon Browns gold sale of Coulsens appointment by the Tories need i go on an unscrupulous government would surpress bad news more than they do at present.
transparency for ever!!

She wants a tough press regulator - I bet she does! Most MPs, especially Labour (remember Blair and his dodgy dealings) would love to gag the press as much as possible. And wasn't there something recently about Abrahams and her trying to hide some dealings with a property in London. Then she claimed it was about her security - what a laugh. She's only a lowly ranking back bencher in opposition for goodness sake.

Fascinating. I read the comments above and realise that no one has actually done Debbie the courtesy of reading careful
ly what she actually said.

All this talk about 'freedom' of the press, and 'freedom' of speech shows people haven't got the first clue about the country they live in.
There is no freedom of speech in Britain, say the wrong thing and you'll find yourself in prison, wear the wrong T shirt and you'll go to prison!
There is no freedom of the press either, there never has been. Global corporations or exceedingly rich individuals only allow their papers to print what they want.
There's is no freedom in Britain.

The press doesn't regualte itself, it is still subject to laws on the statue book when crimes are committed.

The real problem lay in the last Labour govt becomign so close to the press that they colluded to the point of a blind eye being turned to criminality & dubious practices in return for editorial support over Iraq & all the other crazy policies they wanted to implement.

Surprise, surprise now that Labour is in opposition they are jumping up & down saying the press should be controlled.

@ JMTS. Ms Abrahams doesn't actually say very much at all, that's because she can't without displaying rank hypocrisy. Perhaps you need to use a certain internet search engine and look for images of Ed Miliband smiling gleefully as he poses with a Murdoch newspaper to see what I mean. Pray tell just what did Labour do about press behaviour when in power?

JMTS: Well I did read carefully what Abrahams had to say. Although she said the principle should exclude political involvement in the regulation, I believe this would be watered down with amendments by future governments - especially where it involved MPs' expenses and housing shenanigans. A great many politicians have already proved they cannot be trusted and, after the recent Denis MacShane fiasco in Rotherham, I see no reason why I would trust any politician now or in the future.

Shame on you Debbie! Shackle the press? I never thought i would ever agree with a Tory Prime minister on any topic in my lifetime .You are so off the pace with the majority of your foot soldiers its bemusing.I might save my self a few quid subs.What a joke !

Bring back Phil Woolas, i don't wanna live in a communist country! we have already lost our free speech & now this!

It's funny seeing the same tired myths peddled about "gagged" press like "cuba/iran/china" (i.e a list of countries that actually stand up to the bullying criminal USA)

Ireland has legislation regulating the press that most UK newspapers (because they have an irish edition) happily sign up to and don't whing, because it's a lie that is being spread.

The press LIES AND LIES AND LIES with impunity whilst printing pro-war pro-war crime pro-establishment lies EVERY SINGLE DAY.


The illegal invasion of Iraq was enabled by the press who if there really was a free press would have savaged the governments OBVIOUS lies and exposed them as war criminals.

Instead, the millionaire owners used their output to propaganda the LIE about Iraq/WMD, the LIE about Israel facing "thousands of rockets" (In fact, Israel murdered 2 children BEFORE the rockets started back up and OCCUPIES Palestine)

The media just parrots establishment lies.

It was never free. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!

perhaps mrs abrahams could sign the petition of hacked off.
and then the electorate may vote for you in 2015.you answer to us.not to your leader.that's the first important rule you should hsve learnt is it not.ecco fatto


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