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Crossing is a dice with death

Date published: 28 November 2012

Frustrated residents are piling pressure on Oldham Council for a crossing to be installed on a 40mph main road.

Residents and parents of children attending a primary school and two nurseries close to Oldham Road in Lydgate have sent a petition and a stream of letters to the council appealing for a pelican or zebra crossing on the blind bend.

The bend, on Oldham Road — on a crossroads with Platting Road and Stockport Road — has an island crossing already. But the road’s 40mph speed limit, which parents say drivers already exceed, means locals refuse to use it in fear of being knocked down.

Sarah Watson, who has lived in Oldham Road for eight years and has two children at nearby St Anne’s Primary School, is leading the protest.

She said: “We have never had a safe crossing area for the local school and nursery. It can take me 15 minutes to cross here, which is wrong in such a built-up area.

“I’ve got an eight and a nine year old, and the eldest has special needs. Trying to get her across the road can be an absolute nightmare. There are three roads coming into one and because of the bend drivers don’t see you coming. They’re always going faster than 40mph.

“We desperately need a zebra or pelican crossing, something which actively stops the traffic, and for the speed limit to be reduced to 30mph. The council are not taking into consideration all the different people who need it.”

The council has acknowledged receipt of the petition and will investigate the request.

Councillor Dave Hibbert, cabinet member for transport said: “We’re committed to encouraging parents and children to walk to school and we take these concerns and requests seriously. We’ll look at this stretch of road closely and then report our findings.”


Surely any sort of crossing on a blind bend is a very bad idea? Would a better solution not be to build a new crossing further down Oldham Rd?

Surely an easier answer from OBMC is yes and get some lights installed, or are they going to wait for an accident first to mitigate the cost.

i've always thought that this crossing was rather dangerous. with its actual location and lack of traffic control.

but if my mind serves me correctly i do recall there being a zebra crossing there a long long time ago. back when almost all crossings like in uppermill and grotton where zebra crossings.
thats well over 15 years ago though.

Common sense would tell me as a parent don't cross there a 100 yrd walk down the road to a safe view of 1 road then cross when safe then 100 yard back to we're you came but at least we crossed safe

The first comment shows the most common sense. Why have a crossing so close to a blind bend?

General road safety these days is shocking with both drivers that don't pay attention to pedestrians and also pedestrians that simply walk out in front of a car thinking they can beat over a ton of steel. Add cyclists to the mix and it's no wonder people get run over. Education for all parties is what is needed.

Yes I agree don't cross there,simple,it's not safe.

100yds down Oldham road there is a passage from St Annes's school. At the bottom of this, bubble paving was put in and a lollipop lady used to be there. This to me is a perfect place to put a pelican crossing. Straight road good view and safe for all. Oh I forgot we are talking about Oldham Council, who don't spend money on child safety except after an accident. get your act together OMBC before it is too late.

I lived at Lydgate for a long time although I did move away in the early 90's. The road there has always been extremely dangerous with lots of RTA's.

If anyone crosses at the point shown on the picture then they want their head examining. Whether there is a crossing there or not, common sense should not go out of the window. What happened to good road sense?

Cross near ginnel which leads to St Annes Crescent. Lollipop lady used to be near Beechfield.

Bring back Tufty!!!

There was never a zebra crossing at Lydgate BTW. Children can safely walk to School by walking down the road to Beechfield and crossing with the lollipop lady there (if there still is one). Nip through the ginnel and onto Cedar Lane. Yes, it may be a few hundred yards longer but the walk never did me any harm.

You can't put a crossing on that already busy junction its bad enough driving there as it is, there would be a fatality for sure or a few car crashes if this was to happen.


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