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Hissing down the wind...

Reporter: Erin Heywood
Date online: 27 November 2012

Forget “Snakes on a Plane” — a Mossley drama group is putting snakes on stage!

As part of their production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Whistle Down The Wind’, the Mossley Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society will welcome a trio of boa constrictors to help with an iconic scene.

The stage musical, unlike the famous British film, is set in Louisiana in America and includes a scene with a preacher who uses snakes to prove his faith.

The snakes, which will be carried on stage by specially-trained cast members, have been supplied and cared for by the owners of an Ashton pet shop.

The snakes, Aphris and C’Hulha, have ruffled a few feathers among the company: musical director Paul Firth is terrified of snakes for one!

The production is at Mossley’s George Lawton Hall from Monday for the week. Details at www.maods.org, or on 0161-633 3062.


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