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Date published: 23 November 2012

THE ongoing fight against crime is being stepped up thanks to a £5,000 grant to the team of Community Safety Officers.

The money will help fund a campaign to ensure houses throughout Saddleworth and Lees are protected from burglars, and residents protected against attacks.

Officer Mike Fleming, previously a member of the police for more than 30 years, made a presentation to the Partnership showing a collection of panic alarms, leaflets outlining safety tips and devices that residents will be offered in an attempt to deter burglars or attackers.

Mike said: “We have a very good team here which is trying to make a difference. It is very important to get into people’s homes and give them the best crime reduction tips we can, and it stops people from becoming repeat victims.

“There are a lot of vulnerable people in Saddleworth and Lees who are having trouble with crime. Simple things can make a big difference. We are also happy to go out and do safety checks on businesses and schools.”

And local police officer Danny Milovanovic supported the allocation of funding, saying: “Crime has gone down significantly in the area, but this is not just because of what we do, it’s also about what the Partnership does.

“We don’t want to rest on our laurels, the funding will simply help us do our jobs.

“After every burglary reported, we visit the houses to offer safety advice. This money will help us carry on doing that effectively and help those who haven’t yet been targeted.”
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