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MP defends secret London address

Date published: 21 November 2012

OLDHAM East and Saddleworth MP Debbie Abrahams has defended her decision to keep the name of her landlord in London secret over fears it would compromise her safety.

The news comes after the expenses watchdog published a list of landlords who are paid taxpayer-funded rent by MPs after a Freedom of Information request.

A total of 51 MPs have kept their details private.

Mrs Abrahams said she had conversations with parliamentary officials about the information and her concerns.

She added: “Along with many other MPs who live alone during their working week in London, I requested that the name of my landlord wasn’t released to the media as it could have been used to identify my address and compromise my safety.

The move follows a row with MPs, who argued in the Commons last month that the information could be used maliciously.

Commons Speaker John Bercow said there was a “very real danger” that residential addresses could be discovered as a result of the details being released.
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Security obviously important but heard John Mann, the Labour MP, on BBC radio yesterday describing that it is the new MPs who are being caught out this time not having been through the recent expenses scandal; he says transparency is required. I agree. Come clean Debbie.

Absolutely she should keep her London address secret. Can you imagine the danger she would 'potentially' be placed in, were it to be made public.

utter nonesence! compromising her safety!

i've never heard such rubbish in all my life.

if she was one of the main front runners in the shadow cabinet i would maybe say there would be slight security concerns.

but she is a back of house wannabe who doesnt even work on the subject matter (health servces) she is an expert in.

Listen, Debs....if you and the rest of that ragbag bunch who sit for a couple of hours a week within a couple of weeks in the year on the pretext of running the country while increasing your holidays year on year and idling towards an amazing pension hadn't defrauding the working public with outlandish, scandalous claims such as cleaning moats, repairing dry rot after flipping 2nd homes and claiming for poppies this wouldn't be an issue. Quite frankly, the public opinion of politicians (cont.)

of politicians stands lower than estate agents and used car salesman.

If it was down to me then the government would purchase a travelodge type hotel for politicians to stay for free who live more than 50 miles away from London and then remove all second home allowances.

As politicians, you have all badly judged the mood of the people regarding your expenses and your continual efforts to hide them.

Delusions of grandeur I think. As a lowly back bencher in a Labour opposition I doubt her rank makes her any more of a target than, say, a checkout girl at a supermarket. We should be more concerned with the financial connotations of these MPs who wish to hide behind cloak and daggers nonsense.

Very quick to put peoples jobs at risk by boycotting Sainsbury but not to declare her landlord. Won't be getting my vote next time Deb's.

Who reading this who had a daughter/sister/wife working and living alone in London, or any big city for that matter, wouldn't say "Do not make your address public"?

Sounds like the onset of paranoia! From whom does she think she is in danger whilst in London? Everyone in her constituency knows where she lives (Newhey), or can find out. No sitting MP has been attacked at their London home, she's more at risk at her 'clinics'.

When you understand that in political circles and study they teach and uphold the belief that you and me and our opinions when removed from the individual and clustered as a collective opinion held by large volumes of people that opinion becomes "Tyranny of the Masses" and this phrase gives politicians license to ignore public opinion and logical reasoning. It's why they ignore complaints that the financial sector got off free, why immigration goes unchecked & why we have no referendum on the EU

She rents the flat from ex MP Christine McCafferty. So where is the security issue ?


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