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Parish win for Tories

Date published: 16 November 2012

THE Conservatives held Greenfield at yesterday’s Saddleworth Parish Council by-election, despite low voter turnout.

Only 14.4 per cent of the electorate bothered to go to the polls, awarding John Caddick, 465 votes, ahead of Labour’s Ian Manners on 296.

Former candidate, John McCann, had also been set to stand for the Lib-Dems, but withdrew shortly before election day after claiming the race was a waste of money.

Councillor Caddick said: “It’s a shame this election had to be held at all. It is a waste of council money when I could have just been handed the seat, following the retirement of the previous winner.”

Saddleworth Parish Council now has four Conservative councillors, three Independent and 13 Liberal.


It's a wonder anybody turned up to vote for this waste-of-space, talking shop outfit which I think is just another money sucking tax on top of the council tax for Saddleworth residents.

What arrogance. "I could just have been handed the seat" How dare he dismiss the democratic process.

465 votes out of an electorate of 5300? Democracy is a farce. They are a minority. It's about 9%.

14.4 per cent voted ! Shows what we think of the process,

Yes a complete waste of money, £5000 that could have been spent in Saddleworth. But Labour did want an election, WHY... Labour like spending money.

@Chton13 Labour supporters in Greenfield exercised their statutory right to call a by-election. There's nothing wrong with that.

Time Saddleworth Parish Council had a Referendum as to whether they are still needed. The District Partnership has more money to spend on Saddleworth and Lees so why pay more Council Tax to kept 20 Parish Councillors happy in their own little talkimg shop ?


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