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New homes blend in perfectly

Date published: 13 November 2012

HERE are the first of 65 new homes being built across the borough to provide affordable and environmentally-friendly housing for families.

The £1million development on Buckley Street, Uppermill, boasts six stone terraces, each with three bedrooms and traditional features such as chimneys and lead detail to fit in with the conservation area.

Partners from Aksa Homes, Oldham Council, the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and the contractor Wiggett Construction met to view the finished homes.

Each property is highly energy efficient to help tenants with reduced fuel bills. They also have generous outdoor space with driveways and gardens.


but the question is will they go to local needy families that first choice homes are using as an excuse up in diggle?

and why has one of the developlers on this project seeked to have affordable homes portion removed from its development in greenfield!

Hopefully these houses will go to local couples and young families who struggle to find affordable accommodation in the Saddleworth area.
However, if this is just another attempt at social engineering and trying to 'diversify' the area it will not work.

looking at the size of the end terrace next to them it just illustrates the tiny size of the boxes greedy builders expect us to be comfortable living in - now the smallest in Europe.

And so the snobs from Greenfield,Uppermill,Saddleworth etc pop up again to complain about the prospect of outsiders moving into their little villages that are just another part of Oldham wether they like it or not.

Has Flake seen these houses? I have taken the opportunity to go and see them. The street is a very narrow cul-de-sac and these properties have drives. Which I think that none of the other existing properties have. If there had been increased parking on the roadway, it would have been chaos. These homes for rent are an asset to the area, something that local people are clamouring for.
Too many people are too quick to criticise.


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