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Police line-up on polling day

Date published: 13 November 2012

Lawyer Steven Woolfe has been selected as UKIP's Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Manchester.

THE time has come to go to the polls to vote for the first Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner.

The elected person will be handed a £100,000 wage packet to take responsibility for hiring and firing chief constables, setting the force’s £289million budget and outlining its priorities.

The PCC will replace the Greater Manchester Police Authority in a bid to provide an accountable figurehead for police forces.

Five candidates — representing the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and an independent — are standing for election on Thursday.

For their full election statements outlining what they believe they can bring to the role buy Tuesday’s Chronicle or register to read digital editions


Yet another snout in the trough job for politicians.

It's a great shame that this important position has been turned into another snouts in the trough jobs for the boys fest. Now there's little point in voting as we know already who the winner will be because of the political party they belong to.

I have heard about this, I have read up on what the different person are saying, and must admitt I have never met, or even heard what they have to say. I have read and I do not agree with some of the points.
Thursday is around the corner and I must vote for a person who I do not know. So how do I vote? .... Yes I will be voting!

Am i the only one who feels politicians should not be eligible for the position? I really cannot understand what they have to offer. Most of them are from swanky private education backgrounds and can have little understanding of the crimes affecting boroughs like Oldham. The £100,000 a year salary is a joke and that does not include the politicians dreaded expenses bill! Sadly, few of us have £5000 to lose and do not stand a chance against the big political parties.

Politicians should be barred from applying as they operate under a party whip, so an outsider could influence their decisions by threatening to withdraw the whip if they don't act in a certain manner. Likewise lawyers should be barred as they have a financial conflict of interest. They could for example focus police work in areas where lucrative legal cases follow.

Correct..politicians should not be allowed such influential positions. Take this guy Woolf..a disgraced councillor. Conwy County Council sacked him for failing to show up for any meetings in a 6 month period despite claiming £20000 in expenses over 18 months. His politics are so popular that just 1% of East London and City voted for him in the London Assembly election earlier this year (even the Greens, Communities United Party and BNP got more votes than he did).

great lot to choose from, looks like the back slappers have it sewn up, again.

When we've just had Remembrance Day, I think its important to make your voice heard at the ballot box.....
but go and spoil your vote rather than endorsing this ridiculous change

this poll is an absolute farce! only had the booklet explaining the vote.
but thats about it. never seen anyhing about those who are standing and what they will do if you vote for them.

this sort of thing shouldnt be going ahead if they havent been prepared to actually tell people about it.

whats the point of voting? we dont know who we are voting for.

plus those running should not be linked to any political party! and should only do this sort of job for a tiny wage.

snouts in the trough!


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