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Gritters ready for action

Date published: 13 November 2012

THE borough will keep moving when winter weather hits, according to Oldham Council.

Authority chiefs revealed that some 600 salt bins are set to be filled over the coming weeks, while the council’s fleet of 10 gritters are now ready for action.

Councillor Dave Hibbert, Cabinet member for housing, transport and planning, said: “Over the last few years the council has achieved a great deal of success in keeping the borough moving during winter thanks to our forward planning.

“However, we would be complacent if we stood still and did not make improvements to the way we work.

“Lessons have been learned and feedback has been taken on board ensuring that this year contingency plans are in place for every foreseeable eventuality, including heavy snowfall.”

Last year some 73,000 miles of highway were cleared when snow and ice hit. This year gritters will keep main roads free of ice and snow, to help ensure commuters and residents are safe.

Resources will be directed at gritting seven priority routes, including the trans-Pennine roads and most of the major bus routes.

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I just hope they concentrate more on the Saddleworth area rather than the useless town centre with all its roads dug up, we get it bad up here.

councillor hibbert incorrectly saying things again!
“Lessons have been learned"

how come grit bins are only now being filled in the coming weeks?

the first heavy frost to hit oldham was back on the 28th oct. over 2 weeks ago!
this should have signalled the start of filling of the bins.

also i drove along the A672 towards the m62 outside denshaw on that morning and the ice was bad along this road was very bad and the road had not been gritted.
yet halifax council had gritted on their side


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