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At last, they’ve seen the light

Reporter: Erin Heywood
Date online: 08 November 2012

A resident who protested so fiercely about a street lamp being placed outside her house that she was threatened with arrest, is celebrating victory.

Jacky Byram was horrified to find E.On staff digging a hole close by her home in Summershades Lane, Grasscroft, last Thursday that she stood in their way to stop them working.

The workmen rang police and told Jacky she would soon be arrested.

Defiant Jacky was adamant the post shouldn’t be erected outside her home, and lobbied E.On.

Now Phil Beveridge, project planner at E.On Oldham, has considered her protest and has decided to move the post to the opposite side of the street, where it won’t affect householders.

Jacky said: “It’s very good news. Putting a lamp right outside my bedroom window would have been ridiculous.

E.On was unavailable for comment.


If this had been the council, they would have seen her arrested, not listened to any representation and installed it any way ! Thank goodness that there is a private contractor involved who behaved in a reasonable manner. Hopefully we will see more & more council services contracted out to the private sector who do things much better!

Streetlights have to go somewhere for the benefit and safety of everyone, but the new ones that are being installed right up against houses and people's bedroom windows are not only disturbing sleep for those affected, but leaving the way clear for cars to park on the pavement. Though the nearest lamp to me is not situated directly outside my house, I believe it is causing problems for others and the cars now parked on the pavement by visitors to a nearby beauty salon are a safety hazzard.


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