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TV debut for Co-op story

Date published: 09 November 2012

A LONG-AWAITED film detailing the story of 28 local men who changed the face of history will make its TV debut on Sunday.

“The Rochdale Pioneers” follows the men who battled a backdrop of poverty and prejudice to form The Co-Operative Society.

Starring Saddleworth actor John Henshaw (“Early Doors”) and John McArdle, of “Brookside” fame, the film will be shown on Film4 at 5.45pm.

Members of the local community were employed to work alongside established actors, something directors Adam Lee Hamilton and John Montegrande thought demonstrated the spirit of collaboration.

Adam said: “It is very much an intimate film, telling the personal stories of the people involved — it is a true story and that’s its strength.

“The whole process proved to be a truly humbling and overwhelming experience.”

When the Rochdale Pioneers’ established their co-operative shop in Toad Lane, Rochdale is signalled the start of a movement that today has a billion members worldwide.


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