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Villagers call for action on 'boy racers'

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 17 July 2017

A MINI summit is to be called in a bid to curb madcap speedsters who are bringing fear to Saddleworth villages.

The move comes after rising complaints over vehicles travelling too fast.

And now an Oldham and Saddleworth parish councillor is asking officials to explore slashing the speed limit to 20mph in villages and 30 mph on key A roads.

Councillor Steve Hewitt said: "Many narrow country lanes have the national speed limit, which simply encourages vehicles to increase their speed.

"In communities such as Cooper Street, drivers have turned the road into a race track. I want a reduction in the speed limit on all roads in all of the villages. We only hear of accidents caused through speeding when there is a tragedy."

Royce Franklin, chair of the Saddleworth and Lees traffic and transport sub committee, is hosting a meeting to discuss issues on Wednesday.

He said: "With the help of officials, we shall be examining issues and the complexities of reducing speed limits."

Speed measuring strips have been installed on Stockport Road at Grasscroft after local residents raised concerns. The strips measure the average speeds of vehicles and in which direction they are travelling. The results will be collated to see if there is a problem and determine whether speeding restrictions are required.

Councillor Graham Sheldon, who lives in Uppermill, said: "I have experienced numerous people speeding through the village on High Street. This type of driving is most dangerous and the potential consequences of speeding should be explained when the driver has just passed the driving test."

Oldham councillor John McCann said: "The last test of speeds on Stockport Road, Lydgate, showed the highest speed was 80mph.

"Measures were introduced in the village, but speeding is still a problem near Poplar Avenue and the stretch from Mossley Road to Lydgate."

Alan Roughley, chair of Denshaw community association, said 20mph in towns and villages is well-established in Europe.

He said a solution could be raised islands and pedestrian refuges at crossroads and blind summits with 20mph limits in built up areas and automatic cameras.

He added: "If we do not protest and ceaselessly campaign, there could a serious number of road deaths."


Unfortunley this is a problem borough wide and not just isolated to Saddleworth
Raised islands and pedestrians refuges is a starting point but doesn't solve the issues

A compromise needs to be reached, 20 zones are widely ignored and traffic calming measures increase pollution.
The best solution is more camera vans to catch the offenders and ultimately get them to change their driving style or face a ban.

reducing speed limits to 20MPH is not the answer, look at Tameside if you want that confirmed. It sounds as if the problem is not the law abiding driving at 30MPH but those who drive much faster. It is naive to think that if you reduce the limit then they will suddenly turn into angels and suddenly respect it !
All this will do is to hit those who do respect the limit.
It was once well established that a man with a flag and a bell walked in front of a car, we seem to be going back to that!

What out the noisy bikers doing wheelies on public roads. I've seen gangs of them, twice in Dobcross, once in Uppermill and once in Mossley. Also,on one more than one occasion I've seen motocross type bikes with no road lights charging around. Lack of street legality means no insurance.

I would like to send videos of 'street racers' and subsequent correspondance with GMP and OMBC should it be helpful for the upcoming meeting?

There's no money for Policing and no money for traffic calming measures - will be the answer, and yes it is BOROUGH WIDE and not exclusive to Saddleworth. So, unless there are DEATHS RECORDED (or at least SERIOUS INJURIES) over a 2 year period nothing will be done. However, I notice that West Yorkshire have methods in place, so maybe they have more money than Greater Manchester?

As there are drivers still operating mobile phones and drinking coffee and smoking and reading maps whilst driving why should they bother paying any attention to anything other than getting from A to B in the fastest time possible?

I completely agree about the bikers, there appears to be a growing number of them around the area on bikes that are not road legal. Also noticed more cars driving at ridiculous speeds around the Lees and Grotton area, slowing for the camera's then foot back down again. Why not just warn them and if caught again crush their car/bike instead of waiting for the accident to happen. Message would soon get round.

We have the same problems on the A62 Standedge lots of bad accidents over the years some cars and bikes going through fences and walls

lack of police on the streets, soft sentencing, council squandering money on useless projects, don't have to look too far for the reasons.

Without a Police presence the roads are lost to the idiots. Simple as that.

Everyone is aware of the lack of police .... but these idiots racing around do it at the same time almost every evening. So, with a little detective work, it wouldn't be impossible for the police to deal with these people.... before innocents get killed hopefully.


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