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Suhki curries favour with hot new career

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 07 July 2017

BIG-HEARTED post master Suhki Singh hosted a stylish farewell curry party . . . and invited a village.

Suhki, (34), quit the counter at Dobcross to launch a new career in cooking.

But as a surprise treat, Suhki, from Huddersfield, invited scores of customers to the village band club where they sampled a galaxy of his culinary delights.

They tucked in to cocktail samosas, potato and onion pakora, Harpal's chicken curry ­- named after his father ­- saag aloo, dai makhani and cumin rice followed by chocolate fudge cake with fresh strawberries and cream.


The post office had been run by the Singh family for 17 years and Suhki took over 12 years ago.

But he confessed: "It was never the career I imagined ­- but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

"The community spirit in Saddleworth is great.

"I will miss being an active member of the community. But I'd like to thank the whole village for their support over the years."

Suhki, who has appeared on TV Masterchef and Food Glorious Food, plans to travel to India and take a 'food journey' to Dubai.

He said: "Although I live in Huddersfield, I've grown up in the village and feel very much part of the community.

"I've had shoals of cards and presents from well-wishers," he said proudly.

"It's big wrench leaving because I grew up here, took over the business when my father became ill and later died, and got married here."

Paul Clegg, chair of Dobcross Village Community committee, said: "Suhki and his father Harpal before him, have been pillars of the community.

"Suhki was the dynamic chair of the DVC and governor of the village school ­- he'll be sadly missed."


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