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Rescue team help fly flag

Reporter: Rosalyn Roden
Date online: 07 July 2017

THE flag of St George is now flying high above a Saddleworth church tower thanks to a team effort.

A new flag was installed on top of St Chad Church, Uppermill, by Oldham Mountain Rescue Team (OMRT) after the halyard ­- the rope used to hoist the flag ­- suffered damage.

OMRT, who annually help out with the task, said: "The team has had links with St Chad for many years.

"This time the halyard had suffered damage and needed replacing, which meant the flagpole had to be taken down to allow the new one to be fitted."

Team members Denzil Broadhurst, Mike Porritt, Matt Torr and Phil Davies completed the job. 

StChads from Scott on Vimeo.




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