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Lorry jackknife delays

Reporter: Rosalyn Roden
Date online: 04 July 2017

A LORRY jackknifed following a crash on the M62 this morning between Junction 21 at Shaw/Milnrow and Junction 22 for Denshaw.

Drivers experienced long delays on the eastbound carriageway after three of four lanes were shut due to the incident at around 7am.

North-West Motorway Police said via Twitter: "#M62 EB J21 - J22 Jacknifed HGV blocking two lanes of four. Expect delays this morning if heading towards @WestYorksPolice area."

While Highways England tweeted: "If you're heading #M62 eastbound. Be Aware! Three (of four) lanes are closed due to an RTC involving a lorry between J21 (#Milnrow) + J22 (#Denshaw)."

GMP said: "A lorry was in the middle lane of the motorway and road closures were put in place to enable the vehicle to be removed from the carriageway."

Live Traffic ­- M62 said that normal traffic conditions were expected between 9.30am and 9.45am.


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