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Calls to ditch the car and take bus to work

Reporter: Beatriz Ayala
Date online: 03 July 2017

COMMUTERS in Oldham are being urged to ditch the daily drive into work and board the bus during First Manchester's 'Catch the Bus Week' (July 3-9).

Workers spend on average one hour commuting each day and 57 per cent of commuters make their daily journeys by car, but a recent study has found that the regular stresses of life can make the daily commute dangerous.

First Manchester is encouraging non-bus users to trial this form of transport, which has benefits including:

+ burning more calories - Research by campaign group Greener Journeys found that the daily short walk to and from the bus stop and destination can burn 22,630 calories a year, with daily bus users clocking up the annual equivalent of 11 marathons. Plus, 58 per cent of 25-34 year olds said the bus made them feel fitter and healthier, as did half of those aged 65 or over.

+ reducing stress - Dr Lewis, from the University of Sussex, conducted an experiment in which the heart rate and electro-dermal response (EDR) of 30 commuters was measured when taking identical or similar journeys by car as a driver and by bus as a passenger. The results showed that driving a car is significantly more stressful than travelling by bus.

+ making you feel happy - a study of 18,000 British workers by a team at the University of East Anglia found commuting that involved some physical activity improved measures like feelings of worthlessness, sleepless nights and unhappiness.

+ reducing pollution and improving air quality - a fully-loaded double decker bus can take 75 cars off the road.

+ saving money - First Manchester is offering new bus users a reduced priced mTicket for £3 (usually £4.20), if they travel during Catch the Bus Week. Visit firstmanchester.com for the discount code.

Phil Medlicott, managing director at First Manchester, said: "Attracting more people to get out of their cars and use public transport will help to reduce emissions on the roads, but some people still believe that buses are bad for the environment, when in fact an average double decker bus produces less pollutants per passenger than a full car.


"There are many benefits to travelling by bus and we hope that throughout this week, we can convince car users to swap at least one of their car trips for a bus journey."

Catch the Bus Week is a nationwide campaign aimed at driving awareness of the benefits of taking the bus and this year there will be events and ticket giveaways across the country, with bus companies ,councils and passenger groups involved.


The bus I catch in the morning missing 4 times in the last 5 weeks.Services between Oldham/Rushcroft have been cut and those that remain are regularly late, don't turn up or terminate at Mumps even though they shouldn't. Every day lists of buses appear in the bus station saying that services are not running due to driver shortages.You try and speak to First about services not running/late and they blame driver shortages and sickness levels (continued)

Given the level of service you get from First why would you even consider using a bus if you had a car? The service provided is nothing short of disgraceful

Firwood Park, Chadderton to Oldham Town Centre is just over a mile. Although i enjoy catching the bus, why would i pay £4 for the privilege? I'd rather walk or pay £1 to park the car.

TFGM use terrible methods to set their prices.

Phil Medlicott of First Manchester buses says "There are many benefits to travelling by bus ...

What about the disadvantages Phil ???

Will the bus come as near to my house as my car is ... and then drop me off as near to my works as my car does ?

Will my journey to and from work (ie including the bus ride, the waiting for it and the walking time to and from the bus stops) be the same as when using my car ?

No to both the above - and I also risk getting wet through in the process.

instead of peddling pointless schemes just get on with what the public want.

Staring with the 184 bus service.

run the service every 30 mins. one to Huddersfield and the other to Diggle.
run the Huddersfield one up to 8pm and the diggle one all the way up to 11.20pm at night.

end the pointless terminating at uppermill/grotton. run it all the way to the end of the borough till the late evening.

after all that's what the public wanted in the consultation exercise.

yet its not materialise!

oh and scrap the "all around the houses" route of the 184.
it doesn't need to go down Ashton, copsterhill and hollins road.

its got far enough to travel as it is.

send it straight down Manchester road.

run the shorter routes like the 82 round the houses. after all that's every 10 to 15 mins usually.

if people want to go around the houses then they can get off at Oldham and jump on those more frequent services.

the current 184 or equivalent service hasn't changed its route in 30 odd years!

Would be nice to have one. I live on a main road without any bus service for the last 10 years or more.

Workers spend on average one hour commuting ,, !! that would be 1-2 hours (one way) on a bus, one needs to remember one walks to a bus stop then hope and prey it turns up, no way will the people of Oldham give up their car,

I am leaving First bus when my annual bus pass expires in March next year. Why? Because everyday there is always a bus missing or turns up late. Then it finally turns up but then terminated at Mumps when it should go to Manchester as it states on the front! I'm going to buy a car instead. My bus is usually a double decker but the other day we got a little gem so mums with prams were left stranded. So FIRST BUS you are joking about getting h people to leave card at home!

No thanks I would rather walk one it's quicker and more healthy for you secondly your not sat next to someone who doesn't know how to have a wash, and no annoying school kids.

Is this some sort of joke, the 83 bus I use in the mornings about 8.15 on Manchester Road/Chapel Road going towards Oldham sometimes comes between 10mins and 30 mins, where it's supposed to be very 10mins. Going home every night from Manchester Road/Alfred Street after 4.30pm every night the majority of the buses are out of service. I have complained numerous times.

Last week First Buses cancelled dozens of buses, most of them at teatime. My daughter had to get a taxi home from work. Ditch the car? I think we should all buy a car because the bus service we have is disgusting, it's like a third world service.

Nice try First but your services to Saddleworth are little more than a token effort. The 350 from Ashton to Greenfield has been hugely reduced to the point it's easier to walk for an hour home rather than get a bus. Buses up to Saddleworth have been cut in frequency. The buses into Manchester take far too long why do they have to stop at every single stop in some areas they are far too close together. More express services are needed and buses as a whole more reliable. First in Oldham are a joke

@fedupoldhamer I completely agree I have been saying this for years. Don't understand why they don't make the 180/184s express services again miss out a couple of stops here and there and then the likes of the 83 or 82 or whatever can take up some of the slack. I got an 180 into Manchester the other and it took over an hour and 20 minutes. It takes 45 minutes just to get back on to Manchester road which is a farce


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