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Plea for house raid pup return

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 22 June 2017

A HEARTBROKEN young couple whose tiny puppy was stolen by armed thieves in a terrifying raid in their home have appealed for the return of their pet.

The callous gang who bludgeoned their way into the terrace house in Mossley stole jewellery and goods in a midnight raid. But they fled snatching the shocked couple's recently-acquired, half pug-half Jack Russell, named Roxi.

Today, Karla Lockwood and her boyfriend, Logan Roberts, relived the ordeal which happened on Monday night.

The couple were asleep when the masked gang tried to force their way into their bedroom. Logan, a 21-year-old apprentice plasterer, tried to hold the bedroom door shut against the gang while Karla rang 999.

However, the thieves punched him, pinned him to the floor ­- held a meat cleaver to his throat and demanded cash.

The gang were all in balaclavas.

After Karla frantically dialled 999, Logan ran to investigate, but was stopped by the men on the stairs.

They also snatched jewellery, wallets and electrical items.

One gang member joined the fray and attempted to grab the phone from Karla who was still talking to police.

Then the thugs panicked realising police were on their way but snaffled Roxi, a present to Karla from Logan, as they raced to a waiting car. Unassuming Logan chased after the gang, despite one of them carrying the knife but they vanished.

"My only thougth was to save Roxi," he explained.

"She's an absolutely adorable puppy and we want her returned."

Logan, who had taken a year off work to look after his dying grandad, added: "But there are some wonderful people.

"Some kind person found and returned my wallet and Karla has retrieved some of her belongings thanks to another good Samaritan."

Logan bought Roxi for Karla's 22nd birthday. The puppy is not fully immunised.

Karla said: "I just feel so sick, I can't believe someone would be so horrible. How you could take a puppy that is so vulnerable?

"We do not even feel safe in our home. I just want my baby back. I'm absolutely heartbroken."

The couple have posted pictures of Roxi on Facebook in a bid to find her and they have been supported by friends who have described the thieves as "scum."

They are urging anyone with information to call police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800-555 111.


Let us hope that there are. A lot of decent folk in oldham and surrounding area s to bring this butch of clowns to justice and also please please return there puppy .These people who do these kind of things are the scum of the earth and should not be allowed to be in our society so come on decent people of Oldham keep your eyes and ears open for these scum bags .


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