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Career burglar jailed after spate of raids

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 19 June 2017

A 'PROFESSIONAL burglar' ransacked family homes across Greater Manchester in a £150,000 spree.

Samuel Irving Hunter helped himself to luxury cars, wedding rings and memory sticks containing irreplaceable photographs in a series of break-ins.

Targeting homes in semi-rural locations, the crook forced his way in as those inside slept.

Cars including an Audi A3, a BMW 520D, an Audi A4 were stolen from homes in Bury, Rochdale, Stalybridge and Saddleworth, as well from Hadfield and Glossop in Derbyshire.

Victims were said to have been left feeling vulnerable and violated.

Now Hunter (28), of Rimmer Close, Bradford, north Manchester, has been jailed for five years and eight months by Judge Patrick Field QC, who said the offences showed he was a 'professional burglar'.

His accomplice in two of the offences, Kyle Brindley (22), of Dorking Avenue, Newton Heath, was jailed for 34 months. Brindley was recruited by Hunter to help with two burglaries in Chadderton and Hyde last autumn.

The Chadderton raid was interrupted after the householder was woken by a bang, and saw two black-clad men staring at his home before walking off.

Brindley was caught after police spotted him in a BMW stolen from the Hyde break-in.

Following a high-speed chase through Bolton, Brindley dumped the car, ran off on foot, and scampered down a drain shaft to a sewer where he was cornered.

Hunter was caught a short time later, in Bolton, driving a Peugeot stolen from the same address in Hyde.

By that time he had stolen cars, electrical goods, cash, clothes and personal effects totalling £142,222 in value, and caused £2,910 in damage in six burglaries and two attempted burglaries. Hunter admitted conspiracy to burgle. Brindley admitted dangerous driving, burglary and attempted burglary.

A trail of evidence linked both to the offences. The pair have a history of criminal dishonesty.

Prosecutor Robert Smith told Manchester Crown Court: "In September and October 2016 Samuel Hunter conspired with a number of others to commit a series of dwelling house burglaries.

"The method adopted by the conspirators was remarkably simple - they would travel out of Manchester, usually in a car hired from Europcar or Avis, break into an address, and steal the keys for the vehicles parked outside that address using the stolen keys.

"The stolen vehicles and the hire car would then be driven back to Manchester in tandem. False or cloned plates would then be affixed to the vehicles so that they could be used, sold or passed on to others."


If our legal system wasn't run for the benefit of greedy lawyers, each victim would have the right to ask for compensation for what had been taken and the scum would spend the rest of their lives paying it back.
As it is each separate victim (double it to include insurance companies) has to make a claim, making it largely impossible to recoup losses.

How come scum look like idiots at most times? Then they get tattoos on their necks as a badge of scum.

......and they serve half there sentence and the crime spree starts again immediately on release! If we must release them, at least put them on a tag for the rest of there life! Absolute scum!

Paying it back? These people have never worked for a living. They are the scum of society who survive on theft and theft alone. Compensation? They only possess other peoples property.

This is whats wrong with this country and why it will never be right again. Too many liberal judges offering too lenient sentences. If they keep their heads down inside they'll only serve half of what is a ridiculously short sentence anyway. What do you think these two scumbags will be doing when they get out, attempting to lead more constructive lives repentant for their ways? or straight back at it making more misery for descent folk until they are caught again. JOKE!!


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