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Foundation's cash assists autistic young

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 19 June 2017

MEMBERS of the Holroyd Foundation had the chance to experience first hand the impact their donation had made to lives of children with autism in Oldham.

Last year the foundation donated £10,000 to the Action Oldham Fund, which distributes small grants to local good causes.

One of the recipients was Bright Futures, a school for children with autism in Grasscroft, with the grant of £867 being used to provide riding/therapy sessions for six pupils.

The pupils visited the Dicky Steps Centre, which is experienced in supporting children with autism, and were able to interact with horses at the centre.

Ros Hayes, Learning Mentor said: "It was lovely to see the children bond with the horses and to experience the success of learning the basics of horse-riding. It clearly gave them feelings of competence and enjoyment as well as helping with their balance and physical co-ordination. They loved it!"

Zoe Thompson, head of development at Bright Futures School, said: "I feel very proud of what we have achieved at Bright Futures School. Our staff team is excellent, it is a very happy, enjoyable and rewarding place to work and the pupils are a pleasure to be with - they are bright, funny, hard-working and lovable. It is a pleasure to help them to grow and develop."

Representatives from the Holroyd Foundation visited the school to chat about the experience and how their donation had helped the pupils.

The founders of the Holroyd foundation, Bill and Julie Holroyd, both have strong ties with Oldham and although they have moved away, they still support local good causes.


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