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Cannabis farm raided by police

Reporter: Gillian Potts
Date online: 13 June 2017

SADDLEWORTH police officers have swooped on a vast cannabis farm in Diggle, unearthing plants worth an estimated £40,000.

A team executed a warrant at an industrial unit on Sunday night where they found an industrial scale cannabis grow in production.

A spokesperson for Saddleworth and Lees Neighbourhood Policing team said officers entered the unit through two heavily fortified doors and discovered a tent containing plants in the first room and then a further four rooms containing plants in varying degrees of growth.

They say it took around five hours to dismantle the infrastructure and remove the plants and other paraphernalia which has been taken to the property store at Oldham Police Station to await destruction.

The spokesperson added the team is determined to tackle drug cultivation, drug use and the antisocial behaviour that follows in line with Greater Manchester Police's #ZeroZone initiative.


Erm, any arrests?

For those certain people who thrive on slating Fitton Hill for being rough and full of "not so nice people" I'm not surprised you haven't commented on your precious Saddleworth being YET AGAIN raided for drugs......

The place has definitely gone downhill but being Saddleworth the drugs will be designer!


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