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Grafter earns her victory

Reporter: Iram Ramzan
Date online: 09 June 2017

LABOUR'S Debbie Abrahams was campaigning until the last possible moment. And it paid off as she was re-elected MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth.

The results for the constituency were declared shortly before 3.30am, with Mrs Abrahams receiving 25,629 votes, increasing her majority from 6,002 to 8,182. The turnout was 65.31 per cent, up from 62.29 per cent in the 2015 General Election.

"I'm absolutely delighted, a little bit shocked," Mrs Abrahams said. "It has been remarkable.

"Hopefully, it's been partly about the approach I've taken in the last six years, but also in terms of what we've tried to do with the manifesto and how that's spoken to people about an alternative vision for how we can be a fairer Britain where everybody has a stake and everybody is included.

"What really appealed to people was our approach for education, the opportunity of the early years right through to higher education, and that would appeal to young people.

"But also older people who felt completely let down by the Government around their failure to guarantee the triple lock (pension) and what they were going to do about winter fuel allowance.

"Their absolute arrogance around social care, thinking this was okay, and they were going to say you had to pay for your own care, selling your own house if need be - that really, I think, was a particular turning point, for older people that was just not on."

When asked about the national results for the Labour party, Mrs Abrahams said: "It's unbelievable.

"I haven't taken stock of what this means and what it translates into how many we have overall at the moment, but I will be doing that over the next day or so. I haven't seen an election like this. It's remarkable.

"I pay tribute to Jeremy Corbyn really, in terms of his resilience, his decency. He really has driven this by his real desire to make a difference to society as a whole, a fairer society for all.

Many will now be asking what the results will mean for Brexit and future negotiations.

Mrs Abrahams said: "We had Keir Starmer over here a couple of weeks ago and he was able to explain his approach. He's such a man of incredible intelligence gravitas.

"People felt really confident about what he was saying and how we need to make sure we don't have a hard Brexit, that we do make sure we have a deal. He's already been doing that."

"He understand and knows how to makes these sort of deals. "


Congratulations to the clueless workshy of Oldham, voted in another 5 years of Abrahams. This is why Saddleworth needs its own constituency, so not to be lumped with the the mindless of Oldham

I am not sure why she is considered to be a grafter - she never totters over to Shaw.

Well done.

For a Tory, I quite like Starmer. Unlike Corbyn, McDonnell, Thornberry and the Hackney lunatic, I think he has a grasp of economics and, I'm guessing, he wouldn't pucker up and kiss union leaders backsides.
I'd love to play poker against the Labour team, I'd make a fortune because they are too busy telling everybody their strategy and showing their cards.

By Forest totally agree with you .Hopefully the boundaries will be changed.come the next election.

litespan, they have been changed. Saddleworth is now with Littleborough.

Yep, mikejh45...fancy politicians letting voters know their plans and strategy...how ridiculous. You'll be suggesting people should have known what Brexit was likely to involve before they voted in last year's ridiculous referendum next!

Oldham5676....you haven't a clue about the art of negotiations, have you?
In your world, we'd be giving the EU advance notice what our terms are without knowing theirs.....how does that work?Nobody knew what Brexit would mean but everybody knew what the question was...in case you forgot....it was a simple IN or OUT. People voted for a myriad of reasons but there was a result and that was OUT and in my opinion, it is still the correct result. You need to get over it, democracy was the winner!!!

With all due respect mike...I seem to have as much idea about 'negotiations' as you do about 'democracy'. 37% of the electorate actually voted for Brexit which means a staggering 63% didn't, so what's democratic about that? Of that 37% very few, if indeed any, actually knew what they were voting for and even almost a year on people still don't know whether we're going for a 'hard' or 'soft' Brexit, led by someone totally opposed to the idea this time last year. It's a nonsense and you know it.

Oldham5676, The most ridiculous thing about the referendum is that nobody was told that over the last decade the UK had received over a third of all EU migration due to freedom of movement some 6 times more than France received. Neither has anywhere ever publicised that 70% of internal EU trade in goods occurs in just 7 member states. Vote leave would have had a larger majority had ordinary people known the true figures.

Oldham5676...52% of those could be bothered to vote went for out. The govt. of the day did their best to persuade people to vote remain by producing a ludicrously one sided leaflet and they still lost which makes me have the opinion that people did know what they wanted. As for the soft or hard Brexit, I go back to the negotiations that will start over the next few weeks and the trade offs will occur from both sides.


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