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Find a gin for your tonic

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 09 June 2017

DISCERNING gin drinkers can immerse themselves in their favourite tipple in a celebration weekend.

Because customers at The Old Bell Inn, Delph, will be going global on World Gin Day on Saturday.

But as part of the international festivity, the iconic Saddleworth venue, famed for its gins, is launching its celebration today until Sunday.

The landmark hostelry, which originally claimed a world record for the largest variety of gins with 404, currently boasts a bewildering 863 in its specially-created Gin Emporium.

And proud owner Phil Whiteman revealed: "I'm planning on topping a personal target of one thousand and one bottles of gin the near future."

As a special treat this weekend, customers will be able to sample a specially-selected range of delicious gins and tonic for just £5. There will be a specially-selected choice including citrus, earthy and floral, dry and crisp, fruit and sweet and spicy.

World Gin Day is in its ninth year and part of a global celebration of all things gin, organised by the website Gin Monkey. The plan is to encourage like-minded gin lovers to share their love of gin whether it's in a cocktail, G&T or neat.


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