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Reporter: Jacob Metcalf
Date online: 06 June 2017

A MUM who rushed her son to hospital with meningitis after being put on hold for an ambulance for 15 minutes was told by doctors there would have been "serious complications" had she arrived any later.

Five-year-old Noah Journeaux was getting ready for an evening bath when his right leg gave way and he started to feel sick. Within minutes his condition deteriorated.

Mum, Mirella Natale, said he couldn't speak, his eyes glazed over, a rash came over him and he began vomiting.

Noah collapsed in Mirella's arms and her friend, who was with her at the time, rang 999 for an ambulance but was put on hold..

After hanging on the line for more than 15 minutes it was apparent they could wait no longer so they rushed from their home on Mere Close, Greenfield, to Royal Oldham Hospital.

While Mirella cradled Noah in the back of the car he started having seizures and frothing from the mouth.

Noah's father, Malcolm,was waiting at the A&E and saw Mirella run in with their son collapsed in her arms.

But doctors and nurses responded quickly, drips were attached to both of his arms and antibiotics and oxygen were given immediately. Mirella was told that had they been five minutes later there would have been severe complications.

His condition improved and after two days at Royal Oldham Hospital he was transferred to Manchester Children's Hospital.

Noah has since recovered and is now back at school at Holy Trinity C of E Primary, Dobcross.

Mirella said: "He's doing ok, he's gone back into school now, he's still a bit poorly.

"It was about 15minutes we were on hold and we just couldn't wait any longer. When he was sat in my arms in the car he started fitting, the right side of his body was twitching and he was frothing from the mouth.

"He had a build up of CO2 which was starving his breath of oxygen. When I ran through the emergency doors he was lifeless, but we were surrounded by the doctors straight away.

"A couple of times the doctor was saying 'is he still breathing?' - that was the most frightening bit. The doctors told us that if it had been five minutes later there would have been serious complications."

Mirella said: "The doctors were surprised that he came out of it not in a really bad way. When he was on the bed in the hospital it took five of us to hold him down.

"I was on my knees praying. I was desperate, I begged them not to let him die."

Mirella raised concerns about being put on hold for an ambulance, she said: "People are phoning the ambulances like taxis and they shouldn't.

"A paramedic wouldn't have been able to treat Noah, but he would've been able to get him to the hospital quickly. It is the fastest way to get to the hospital when you have got an emergency."

Mirella added: "What people need to know is this happens very very quickly. I didn't expect meningitis but people do need to know about it.

"I think the thing that saved his life was that hospital, all those fantastic members of staff. I could kiss all of them."

A spokesperson for North West Ambulance Service said: "The Trust would like to offer its apologies for the delay in answering this call.

"On the day of the incident, the Trust was experiencing extremely high demand in 999 calls from 7.15am which continued throughout the day.

"in times of very high call demand, the Trust activates additional prioritisation procedures. This may result in there being a delay in the 999 call being answered.

"We understand that this incident was an emergency and are thankful that the patient's family were able to safely transport him to hospital for the care he needed.

"If the family would like to discuss this matter further, they are welcome to contact our patient experience team who will look into this incident in more detail for them."


Yep. THE NHS is safe in the Tory's hands.

Thank goodness Noah is ok.

There is a huge issue with Emergency Ambulances that is going unchallenged. As stated, far too many use the service as taxis and in attempts to beat the long delays in A&E. These people need to be heavily fined as they are putting lives like Noahs at risk. I personally have been involved with two serious accidents in the past two years where both patients had to wait 45 minutes for an ambulance. It is not acceptable and something should be done.

The trouble with the NHS these days is that there are too many chief and too few indian's, bring back Matrons and do away with the pencil pushers that are not really need, thing was a lot more efficient then, than the morons they employ now. That alone will save a billion a year!.


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