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General Election 2017 Preview

Reporter: Iram Ramzan
Date online: 06 June 2017

WITH only a couple of days left before the country goes to the polls, Oldhamers will need to decide who will get their vote.

Prime Minister Theresa May made a surprise announcement outside Downing Street on April 18 to call for a snap election on June 8 ­- despite previously saying she would not call an early election.

In Oldham, there will be an election covering three constituencies. Labour currently holds all three Oldham Parliamentary seats - Oldham East and Saddleworth, Oldham West and Royton and Ashton which includes Failsworth.

Debbie Abrahams will be fighting to retain her seat in Oldham East and Saddleworth, battling against Kashif Ali (Conservative), Ian Bond (UKIP) and Jonathan Smith (Lib Dem).

In Oldham West and Royton, Jim McMahon is hoping to keep his place. He is being challenged by Christopher Glenny (Conservative), Garth Harkness (Lib Dem), Adam King (Green Party) and Ruth Keating (UKIP).

In Ashton and Failsworth, shadow education secretary Angela Rayner will be defending the seat for Labour. Other candidates in the constituency are Carly Hicks (Lib Dem), Andy Hunter-Rossall (Green Party), Maurice Jackson (UKIP) and Jack Rankin (Conservative).

Meanwhile, at local government level the death of long-serving councillor Tony Larkin in March has triggered a by-election. He represented the Royton North ward on Oldham Council, which means there is a council seat up for grabs.


Below are two paragraphs of the Labour manifesto that contradict themselves, you cannot have an emphasis on the single market & stop free movement.

1. Scrap the Brexit white paper and replace it with a fresh set of negotiating priorities with an "emphasis on the single market and customs union"

2. Freedom of movement will end when Britain leaves the European Union.

If you voted for brexit don't trust Labour & don't forget 75% of Labour MP's don't rate Corbyn.

From the Tories:

More austerity and yet the national debt growing.
Fewer police
Fewer medical staff.
Poorer education standards
Personal assets raided if you happen to grow old
Zero further immigration controls
Deconstruction and sale of national assets
No investment in industry, sold
Housing crisis
Crime rate rises through the roof
Reported crime fallen

Don't worry, they'll build wall around their tent, and you can pretend to be Eton educated and have insight that Kruger would be proud of.

From Labour

A bankrupt country & the IMF again
Fewer everything because we have no money
Mass immigration including known terrorists allowed to form cells and operate from a new Londonistan
More oppressive laws including thought crime and an end to speech.
Dis investment and closure of industry through high tax and minimum wages
Middle class forced out of their homes by garden tax
No crime due to anarchy being declared
A wall around Islington to protect the elites


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