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Measures in place for bank closure

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 01 June 2017

A PACKAGE of measures has been put together to counter concerns by residents and businesses over the closure of Saddleworth's only bank.

NatWest finally closes its doors on Uppermill High Street on Tuesday, June 27, despite massive protests across the community.

But Paul Geary, NatWest's community banker, and Saddleworth parish councillor Jamie Curley have been busy mapping out a plan to support locals.

Councillor Curley said: "Paul has been extremely proactive in the last few weeks contacting and meeting a wide range of community groups and individual customers.

"He has responded to many requests for help and has been arranging locations throughout Saddleworth to use as meeting points where customers can arrange to see him to discuss personal banking.

Uppermill's Civic Hall and The Satellite Centre at Wellington Road, Greenfield, are the first locations to be identified.

And a schedule of timings when locations will be operating will be made available prior to the branch closure to ensure sure villagers are aware of their availability.

Paul said:"I've met with community groups and organisations and visited sheltered accommodation to explain what is on offer and to discuss future arrangements we may be able to put in place for elderly residents. I'm looking at running a number of educational sessions for groups which will encompass fraud awareness and online banking safety."

Leaflets are being distributed giving details of how to contact Mr Geary and also what the bank have done and how they have responded to the concerns from local residents since the closure was announced.

Paul added: "We have had 250 enquiries since the closure was announced and 127 complaints.

"The main themes have been concerns the Post Office was not an adequate alternative and the effect that the closure may have on the local community.

"We have spoken to all the customers who have been concerned and explained what alternatives are available.

"In addition, we have launched our mobile app and introduced free withdrawals and deposits through the post office.

"And we have launched our video banking facility to customers who can have a face to face meeting with bank staff without having to leave home."

Covering business customers, he commented: "They should have been contacted by their relationship manager to discuss arrangements. "

Councillor Curley continued: "The main message is people with concerns or questions about the closure and what will be available after the 27th should contact Paul either by visiting the branch or via email or phone on 07711 764056 or via email paul.geary@natwest.com."

Business customers should contact their relationship manager or call into the Uppermill branch.


good riddance! NatWest is one of the worst banks in the country.
never offer decent deals to their customers. rip them off in some cases.
and always put themselves before their customers.

just a shame a decent alternative bank couldnt replace them.

And all this the day the bank settle with Shareholders over the mis-information six months after we the tax payer bailed them out. When you factor in PPI mis-selling,and all the bank can offer us is the Satellite club in Greenfield. If you want to move your account to a branch of your choice, forget it. It is Oldham Yorkshire St or Nowt. They have milked us all dry, it was there fault and we the tax payer bailed them out.

All the running round to offer this and that. Here's a novel idea keep what the customers want a local bank branch.

The residents of Uppermill/Saddleworth should set up a fund to rent the closing bank building and set up a credit union/savings organisation for the good of the community...Maybe Natwest could let the building at very favourable rates initially as a sign that they are simply not money grubbing usuary mongers after all

We have had 250 enquiries since the closure was announced and 127 complaints. ??? how many live in Saddleworth ? I'm sure it's a dam site more then those figures

nah I doubt it lesupthewall! most people have probably already left in protest.

I left when they shut greenfield and delph down! 20 odd years ago!

then they pledged not to shut any more branches down.

but then they went back on that promise and shut lees down a couple of years back.

and then they started not opening uppermill on a Wednesday.

after all that anyone left banking with them must need their heads examining!


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